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Each donut starts off with the same plain donut base and is then topped with a variety of yummy flavors. All donuts are home-produced, gluten-free, baked as opposed to traditional fried donuts, and is kept free from those ingredients you can't easily pronounce!

To see nutrition facts on each donut, click on its image!


Donut Base

Almond flour, Whole oat flour, Protein powder blend, Stevia, Baking powder (aluminum free), Egg whites, 100% pure pumpkin, Honey, Unsweetened almond milk.

*We try to source local ingredients as often as we can

*Please see each flavor for specific allergens


Our Vanilla, Strawberry*, Lemon*, Chocolate*, Blueberry* and Maple Sea Salt* donuts are topped with home-produced icing containing: 

Unsweetened almond milk, Butter, Vanilla extract, Powdered sugar.

*Maple flavoring for the maple sea salt icing

*Blueberry flavoring for the blueberry icing

*Cocoa powder for the chocolate icing

*Strawberry flavoring for the strawberry icing

*Lemon flavoring for the lemon icing

The powdered sugar isn’t ideal so we limit the icing to only a half TBSP for each donut.