LA Fitness Grandview: Monday, 12-7pm

Right Way Nutrition: Monday, 10am-5pm

Ohio Strong Supplements: Wednesday, 12-9pm

Timeless Training: Wednesday, 5:30-8pm

Heath: Friday, 5-7pm

Sugarcreek: Friday, 5pm-5:30pm

Canton: Saturday, 11-11:30am

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Please make sure to double check the date & time of your pickup location below before ordering!

Order Deadlines:

Sunday @ 7pm for

Ohio Strong | Timeless Training | LA Fitness | Right Way Nutrition

Wednesday @ 7pm for

 Heath | Sugarcreek | Canton 

Pickup Info:

LA Fitness: 

Monday (Feb. 24th), 12-7pm

850 Goodale Blvd.
Columbus, OH  43212

(Come inside to The Nutrition Factory)

Right Way Nutrition:

Monday (Feb. 24th), 10am-5pm

1430 S Washington Street

Millersburg, Ohio 44654

(Come inside to grab your donuts!) 

Ohio Strong Supplements:

Wednesday (Feb. 26th), 12-9pm

1352 N. Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OH 43230

(Come inside the store!)

Timeless Training:

Wednesday (Feb. 26th), 5:30-8pm

8682 Cotter St, Lewis Center, OH 43035

(Come inside the gym!)


Friday (Feb. 28th), 5-7pm

Coffee Shack | 409 S 22nd St #3, Heath, OH 43056

(Come inside to grab your donuts!)



Friday (Feb. 28th), 5pm-5:30pm

Baker's IGA | 100 Andreas Dr NE

(Look for the white Honda CRV in the parking lot!)



Saturday (Feb. 29th), 11am-11:30am

Sam's Club | 4790 Portage St. NW

(Look for the white Honda CRV by the gas pumps!)


(Deliveries once a month)

Live Free Chiroplus

*Dates will be announced soon!*